Meridian Fitness



Welcome to Meridian Fitness!

We are a personal training studio located in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.  Our trainers work with all ages and fitness levels.  Our TPI certified trainers will create a golf specific workout program to enhance your golf game.  We also offer one on one and group training programs depending on your preference. 

Our #1 priority is to create an awareness of your body’s movement patterns and train to develop the 5 essential components of functional fitness including balance, stability, strength, endurance, and power.  By targeting these 5 forms of exercise, you will improve your overall movement patterns and develop a strong, flexible, and well balanced body.  We perform a fitness assessment on Day #1  to obtain the proper information needed to evaluate any limitations in your functional movement patterns. 

We want to make sure you are training properly from day one to avoid injuries and develop your specific training program with YOUR goals in mind.                                  

Our main goals in our training process are to develop your functional movement patterns to minimize pain and injury, create a more balanced and stable foundation, and instill confidence in reaching your fitness goals!
Your mind and body connect here at Meridian Fitness!
 It begins with building a strong foundation in your BALANCE and CORE STABILITY.  
The next level of training is STRENGTH and ENDURANCE.
The training builds to develop your POWER, SPEED, and AGILITY.  
Our trainers create an understanding of why you are doing a certain exercise.  We teach you to understand your body and it’s movements and limitations.  KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!